Needs to be redone…

I knew it. As soon as I register this blog, I gonna lose interest in it. Happened many, many times before. I had a lot of plans and things I wanted to do here and it just didn’t happen. Took me one and a half months to finally come up with an introductory post.

Anyway here it is: Name’s Alex, located in Germany, almost 26 years old. For now that’s all I tell about me. But what’s more important; what’s the purpose of this blog?
There’s none, really. I just want to have a place where I can drop off all that stuff I come up with, with no clear theme behind it. I don’t care about the aspect of sharing it, but it’s better than let it rot on my hard drive, or worse, let it never leave my mind (though most of it should stay there).

I have a wide variety interests I could write about. They are but not limited to: society, politics, science, economy, language; then all kinds of art like fine arts, movies, music, video games; all kinds of technology stuff. I waste a lot of time with anime and manga these days (and I mean ‚waste‘; I should spent those countless hours otherwise), so you’ll see one or two lines about that subject too.
As you can see, I’m one of those guys who knows a little about everything but has nothing he’s really good at.

Expect the blog to be flooded (or not) with stupid little things I thought up, artwork, comics, reviews, links, pics, shops, etc. Some are NSFW. And I swear a lot. Things concerning Germany or the German language or are highly complicated will be written in my native tongue, but I’ll stick mostly with the English language.
I’m not good with all this socializing crap and keep my mouth usually shut, so I won’t advertise my blog anywhere for now. In the end I use it mainly for archiving my thoughts. Maybe someone stumbles upon it.

It’s awfully late and I’m tired. I stop writing now. Crap above is probably stupid and I could’ve wrote something more insightful for an introduction but I don’t care at this late hour.

Crapfully yours,

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